Sunday, 6 July 2014

"Triple Chocolate Sundae" which makes my day - Fundae

I am a Foodie and whenever I am out for a party or attending any wedding, the event wherein people mostly concentrate on the food, my focus is always on desserts. Before meal and after meal, this is that one item which never let me take my eyes of it. Be it ice creams or any other exotic dessert.
My all time favorite is Ice cream and to be precise Chocolate Ice cream. 

I still remember the last time I had my Triple Chocolate Sundae. Oh yum!! My triple choco-sundae was sitting on the table in a Borosil Sundae glass. A little warm Mocha Truffle Sauce was sprinkled all inside the glass, with chocolate crushed at the bottom. Then there was a layer of syrup once again and then crushed walnuts. Now, it was time for my choco scoops to take their well deserved place and there were three, no less; adorned with crushed nuts and a pinch of coffee powder.
Topmost layer had a little of Mocha Truffle Sauce in the shape of heart on topmost scoop and on one side a little foam of vanilla ice cream in a cloud like design was sitting quietly inside the glass. Now some more chocolate flakes and then last but not the least only one cherry, without doubt was sitting like crown on the vanilla foam.

Well, it still amaze me that how someone can prepare something so wonderful and not have it once it is done. Well I just couldn't wait and grabbed the glass before anyone else could. Slurp Slurp... I had it all :)

Now that I am reminded of that Triple-choco sundae, I bid you all adieu to get me one Right Here, Right Now!!

Icy Good Night and Chocolaty Dreams Pals :)

P.S. Wish I could post a photo to tease you all :P
This post is a part of Indiblogger contest - My Beautiful Food by Borosil.

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