Saturday, 2 August 2014

Me - the Sherlock and #WhatTheBlack

Three days, three clues and lot of confusion, brain storming across the social media platform i.e. twitter and funny predictions. I had a tough time cracking the code too. The Sherlock inside me and the horses of my brain are in full tashan from past 2-3 days :D

Let's take you through the journey of my these 3 days. I the chosen one <no no.. not harry potter :P> ..I mean one among those many awesome chosen ones was waiting for my first clue by Blogadda with bated breath.


Knock on the door and a young man delivers what I see a cute li'l black package, which when I open.. "#WhatTheBlack!! It's a Black egg!?" and then there was a clue card too. Well after doing some inspection what I find.. whoa!! chocolate inside the egg. Amazing.. slurp slurp and after finishing it all I once again started thinking what it can lead to and then have no choice then to wait for the Clue #2.


Again a knock and again one more surprise. And this time came a Black Newspaper with headline about the egg I got on Day 1. This got me curious. But gave me one hint that the upcoming thing is sure gonna be related to morning and something to do with white. Sine what are whites came in black on Day 1 and 2. The clue was there too. I then thought to give time upto the 3rd day before coming on to any conclusion. But slept with #WhatTheBlack in mind.


Today's parcel was a li'l late and I got restless, thinking aaj kya aane wala hai, #WhatTheBlack is going...
But after a long wait around 4 - 4.30 I guess, the door bell rang and I got my parcel. I opened it up and to my bewilderment what I see is a tissue and a cup. What?? ...a Cup? Come again' A Cup??
I felt like Ande se nikle aur cup mein gire <quite like "aasman se gire aur khajur mein atke" :P>

Thought, Thought and Thought some more, tweeted some more, discussed some more and then thought of a thought. Jiska koi nai hota uska google hota hai. With whatever I could infer out of my li'l brain and discussions with my fellow tweeps I started searching on google. 

First I got all three clues in front of my eyes.

Then I thought that whatever I got has to do something with the morning. A hearty breakfast consists of mainly 3 things: A cup of Milk, newspaper and Sunday ho ya monday roz khao ande --> Egg. Then on the name of #WhatTheBlack what am I missing here, definitely gonna do something with white, which has turned black!?

Fir jali mere dimag ki batti.. 

Before breakfast what do we do? What is white we don't want to turn into black? 

The answer is TEETH. The most precious white set which we would never want to turn black and for that we definitely need something powerful which can be something black and that hinted towards the all - 

"NEW Colgate SlimSoft   C H A R C O A L"

Though the Sherlock inside me has cracked the code but one can't be sure until told from the horse's mouth itself. So until tomorrow its just a prediction to be confirmed only on 02.08.14.

Till then...


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  1. Wow. I am thinking about the creativity of the colgate team and their advertising team. This sure is one hell of a mind. The way the complete contest was promoted. I swear those guys had good level of creativity to do a tete-a-tete with bloggers. This is one unique and fresh contest and I thoroughly enjoyed. Hats off! #whattheblack a black toothbrush to keep our teeth white that noone can bear to turn black.

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