About Me

Traveler | Blogger | Amateur Photographer | Entrepreneur-in-making | ENGICO | Loves Unconventional-Unreal-HarrY PotteR | True Indian

A definite travel freak. Love to explore new places, cuisines (only veg :P) and culture.
Love to click and to be clicked :P
Listen to lots and lots of music (my life), which heals me, peps me and rejuvenates me.

An optimistic, practical, cool, enthusiastic and fun-loving person (Refer point no.1 below). Just don't poke your envious-nose in my matter & you'll live a life happily ever after (Refer point no.2 below)
Love to set my own rules and follow them rigorously.

My belief - 
  1. Positive attitude always wins :) &
  2. God is there to take revenge on your behalf. So don't worry and be Barfi ;)

Just be yourself; truthful and worthy of your existence on this great Earth.
Life is too short buddy.. bus jee le jee bhar ke, faltu bolne wali duniya gayi tel lene!! 

Keep reading, keep chilling!!


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